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A Unique Baby Shower Favor Ideas For Small Baby Showers

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By Criss White

Baby showers are a great time to celebrate life especially if it is for two people who are finally about to become parents. This is a great time to welcome the newest addition to the gang so to speak and this is also a great time to reconnect with friends and family.

One of the most anticipated activities in a baby shower party is the gift opening. This is the time for laughter and tears, and a time to appreciate the gifts that your friends were thoughtful enough to get for you. However, guests also greatly appreciate it when they receive baby shower favors from the hostess.

If there are only a few friends, like four or five, who were invited and are attending the party, making each one a specific gift is easy enough to do. Of course all of the gang know each one’s individual tastes, so hang on to that knowledge and create gifts that will please each person individually.

Begin with generic gift items that will work for everyone. In a pretty makeup bag, place bath gel, a jar of body scrub, and a pack of Hershey’s Kisses. Then, personalize and make each unique by putting in something different for each friend.

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For the friend with a green thumb, include in the makeup bag some packets of easy to grow seeds of her favorite plants or flowers. When she sows the seeds in her garden and sees them growing and blooming, she will forever remember that this was all because of that baby shower party she helped prepare for her friend. Or if seeds are not available, send away with her a baby pot of her favorite plant or flower instead.

For the one who likes to cross stitch, send along with the makeup bag one, two or several cross stitch designs that she had been looking for. Finding her the designs she had been looking out for will immediately give her the satisfaction that comes with knowing her friends really appreciate her. Once she gets to finally complete the projects she can always boast that the designs were a thank you gift that she got from the baby shower party.

For the friend who likes pasta, send off with her makeup bag a pasta kit complete with fresh Italian noodles and all the ingredients that come with making her favorite dish. This way when she comes home from a really hard day at work she can just open up the kit and fix herself her favorite dish, or she can invite people over to taste her home cooked meal. You can also include a recipe along with this kit as well.

For the friend who loves to bake chocolate, send her off with a chocolate candy kit which she can easily make chocolate treats from. The kit can include chocolate molds that she does not already have and a pack of pure chocolate she can melt and create candy with.

Lastly, for the friend who likes to relax with a great book, get her that book she had been waiting for and insert inside it a personalized bookmark. So if she likes science and fantasy, get her that much awaited book complete with a dragon designed book mark. That is one gift a bookworm always loves to have and every time she uses the bookmark with her other books she will always remember the baby shower.

Unique baby shower gifts can be personalized and if the friends have been together for a long time, then it is easy to give each friend a personalized item that they are sure to remember.

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