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Storage Solutions For Teens

By Ben Weissman

Teenagers often have a lot of stuff. They have MP3 players and CDs. They have books, magazines and school books. They often have pictures, stuffed animals and collectibles, while also holding on to a variety of other gadgets and items. These things mean a lot to those teens, even if they mean very little to parents. Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing storage options for teens. This way, they can keep all of their favorite possessions protected while still keeping their room neat, too.

5 Storage Solutions

There are many ways to create storage in a space, even when there are very few options available. Keep the following in mind as you do so.

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1. If you are ready to upgrade the teen’s furniture to something more suitable, invest in under the bed storage. For teens who have a larger space to call their own, consider purchasing discount platform beds. These beds will work well in the space while giving you the opportunity to purchase storage drawers for underneath. Because there is no foundation mattress, there is room for a single or double set of drawers underneath. That makes for some of the best storage.

2. For those who have a smaller amount of space, consider captains beds. These beds are twin sized but they also allow you to place storage systems underneath them. They are a smaller version of a platform bed in many ways. They are often very easy to get into any bedroom space and they help the teen to feel more at home in his or her space, especially if they are transitioning out of bunk beds.

3. Consider in closet storage, too. Most teens have a great deal of clothing, shoes and accessories to think about. With a closet storage solution, such as a few shelving unique and drawers, you can maximize the space. Consider investing in the type of closet organization that you need.

4. Consider headboards that have shelves and a bookcase like feel to them. For those that have gadgets they like to play with right up until it is time to go to bed, these headboards are a great solution. You can easily place all of your gear on the headboard, just a few inches away from you, while you sleep. There is no doubt he or she will not want to miss a text message, after all.

5. Consider in room storage solutions such as dressers with larger gaps and spaces as well as a variety of cubby holes make for great storage. Skateboards and other gear can easily be placed in these larger openings.

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do for your child as you prepare for them to organize their room is to include them in the process. If you try to do it all yourself, chances are good you will be unsuccessful. They will move things around and make the space their own. For this reason, if you are planning on purchasing discount platform beds or even investing in captains beds, do involve them in the process.

About the Author: Ben Weissman writes about decorating your bedroom with Discount Platform Beds,Storage beds and Captains Beds. Make your bedroom a personal retreat!


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