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How Changing Your Daily Routine Increase Your Security

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By Richard Armen

Everyone has a routine they follow daily, even if they do not make a conscious decision to do so. If you’re like most people, you frequent the same grocery store and dry cleaner, drive the same way to work each day, and like to go jogging always at the same time. Though you probably don’t think having such a routine is dangerous, it can be. Routines allow potential attackers to plan out their assault. Though some attackers are opportunistic, many others will lie in wait, using your routine to attack you at your most alone and vulnerable moment. A predictable schedule from day to day makes it easier for this attacker to find you.

Changing your routine is easy to do, and not only helps you avoid an attack, but also provides mental refreshment. After all, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you do the same things every day. Changing your routine is all about becoming less predictable. These little changes make it less likely that an assailant can use your routine against you.

So, what can you do to change up your schedule without disrupting your life? Try:

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Taking the scenic route to work. Adjusting your work schedule to a different time, or changing the times you leave or return to your home Shopping at stores you don’t usually frequent. Check out new cafes, bars, and restaurants in your city. Do your chores and tasks in a different order every day.

Besides changing your daily routine, there are other easy steps to avoid becoming the target of an assailant. As you go about your daily routine, how much personal information are you putting out there? It’s probably more than you think. This information could be used against you by a resourceful criminal. Small changes, such as making your telephone number unlisted, using a PO box for deliveries to your home, and inviting over a friend if you must call a repairman to your home, can make you safer without disrupting your life.

Use common sense to avoid an attack by staying alert and listening to your intuition. Mixing up your routine keeps things interesting and exciting, all the white making it difficult for an assailant to target you based on your schedule. All of these simple fixes can be made free of charge, and serve as a first line of defense against an attack.

The steps listed above will make anyone much safer from attack. If you do feel that you are in danger, what more drastic changes can you make? Consider taking self-defense courses, or purchase devices such as pepper spray canisters or a stun gun. These are great investments for anyone, especially if you think you may be targeted by an assailant. They can give you the confidence you need to defend yourself in a time of need. Pepper spray and stun guns can be carried with you in your purse or pocket, whether you’re going somewhere unfamiliar to you or just following your daily routine.

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