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Valuable Tips On Wet Basement Repair In Des Moines Ia

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byAlma Abell

If a home basement is properly kept, it can provide additional space in a home or business. However, if the place is left damp and wet, it can become wasted space. The worst part is that if a wet basement is left unattended to for a long time, it can impact the foundation of the building. So instead of waiting for that small problem to turn into something serious, it is essential that this place is kept clean and free from water at all times. Before you consider wet basement repair Des Moines IA, the following are common basement problems and possibly how to handle them.


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Mustiness is also one of the most common problems, and affects quite a number of home basements. In this case, the air in the basement is too humid and feels muggy. This problem is normally caused by condensation of the humid air on the concrete walls. This basement problem can be sorted effectively with the use of a dehumidifier. An air conditioner can also be installed in the basement to help reduce moisture in the air.

Condensation on the Walls

This is similar to mustiness, but it comes with a very high level of moisture. Some of the most notable signs of high condensation in your basement include damp walls, mildew and musty smells. This problem can be caused by high level of moisture from an improperly vented dryer. It can also be because of varying temperatures of the basement and the outside air. Nonetheless, this major problem can be effectively eliminated. Let an expert come and insulate the walls and install a vapor barrier.

Seeping Water

When it comes to this problem, water is forced to get into the basement from the outside; this can be because of heavy rain. Possible signs of sipping include dampness on the floor and walls. If the problem is not fixed as soon as possible, you will start to see water trickling into the basement. However, employment of oil-based masonry waterproofing can eliminate the problem. Additionally, putting in place proper drainage systems can also deal with the problem cheaply.

No matter what type of wet basement problem is present, it can be resolved. You can visit the website for more informationon wet basement repair Des Moines IA.

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