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Toilet Bowl Cleaners Multiple Usages Of The Harmless Baking Soda

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Toilet Bowl Cleaners – Multiple Usages of the Harmless Baking Soda


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1. Occurrences of natural chemical substances and their derivatives are plenty. They are found everywhere. So, this does not mean that they can be harmless to life or to your health. Most fungi such as mushrooms, some berries and plant life contain toxicity. For instance, lead is a natural chemical that bounds in the environment, yet it is hazardous to all life

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2. Maximum precaution envisaging minimal exposure is needed when your family and you come in contact with these toxic hazards. Ascertain the situation well and try and diminish the use of dangerous chemicals keeping in view their poisonous outcome. On the same coin it would be wise to reduce the quantum of chemical products that you wish to utilize. In so doing your family and you will go a long way in maintaining good health and overall wellness. 3. Baking soda scientifically known as sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate occurs in its natural form in Mother Nature. Formulated as NaHCO3 this is a mild alkali. It is a semi crystal-like solid which is white in color. This is sold across the counter in retail stores in the form of a powdery substance. It is used in baking and in some cuisines as well. 4. Baking soda can safely be consumed by humans as well as animals. It is also environment friendly. However, it must be kept out of the reach of children as it is dangerous if over consumed. Generally speaking, since time immemorial this chemical substance is utilized in the manufacture of soaps and in some varieties of cleaning agents. Medicinally it is used in the manufacture of anti-acidic preparations. This substance, per se, has for very long been safely consumed and used. 5. Domestically, sodium bicarbonate has a multi-task usage. 6. Preservation of perishables and foods kept in refrigerators and deep freezers is normally done by exposing the same to some baking soda kept therein. This ensures that both vegetables, meat and food products are maintained afresh. Containers, cans and boxes comprising plastic meshwork that cannot be biodegradable should not be used. This will not help in minimizing pollution. Here, you are required to lay a half inch thick spread of the soda in a container that can be reused; the size of the container being four into four inches. Periodically refurbish the baking soda. However, do not dispose off this remnant. Use it for toilet-cleaning purposes (You may please refer paragraph nine) 7. By the simple process of placing a little sodium bicarbonate on the bottom of dustbins and garbage bags the emanating foul smell of waste can easily be done away with. This is in sharp contrast to chemically-masked aromas produced by fragrances used in these waste bags. 8. Sodium bicarbonate is a wonderful chemical that absorbs any kind of obnoxious smell prevalent in your bathroom and toilets. Use baking soda and you can safely do away with the acidic deodorizers you are currently using. Just lay a half inch thick spread of NaHCO3 in a receptacle of size 4″ x 6″. You could also add some extract of mint, a little vanilla, and a few aromatic oil drops into a small carton (here you could perhaps fill in the carton with dried flowers, some cones of pine, some bark wood etc.) and keep aside. The contents of this carton emanate an aroma that quickly obliterates the foul smelling area and harmful sprays containing various toxic substances can be done away with. Remember that almost all these deodorizers come in containers that are not environment friendly. Thereby, you can be done with the usage of hazardous chemical odorizers. Change this sodium bicarbonate once a month and use the remnants for cleaning of your toilets. (Refer to paragraph nine) 9. Your toilet bowl should initially be sprinkled with sodium bicarbonate followed by a thin spread of vinegar. Thereafter, with the help of a toilet-cleaning brush rub very hard until the organic encrustations and scales are removed. This is a simple, environment friendly process in which the need to use acidic chemical cleaning agents present in all toilet cleaners does not arise. 10. It would be wise to be forewarned that all flushed up content are ultimately recycled and the same piped again through the municipal water supply system as drinking water. This point has to be borne in mind.

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