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Organizing Your Paper Mail

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Organizing Your Paper Mail


Roger Elliott

Developing technology has brought electronic mails or emails as the most favorite, the fastest way to share information. Although all people all over the world tend to use emails for private and business uses, paper mails still have their essence, making them irreplaceable.

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You may have a job that requires you to receive paper mails that fill your desk. At the end of the day, you could be too lazy to collect and organize them. Actually, the things you should do are so simple and easy, in which firstly, you will need to prepare a box, container, or just anything to collect the mails temporarily. You can also choose any unused space, a tray, or a basket. It is good to use something with a not too big, regarding to the fact that the too big one will add your laziness, depends on the “wider” space for throwing a couple week’s worth of mail into it. Remember that you only need to sort the mails temporarily before finding a time which is enough for you to organize them. For example, you can simply take mornings at the office to sort through the mails, so you can trick it by coming earlier. Choosing a day in the middle of the week is also a good idea since sometimes the mails require your immediate attention on that day. However, it is different if you plan to organize private mails that come to your house, in which you will need a time on Sunday to do this. After collecting all the weekly mails, you can divide them based on three categories: To Do, Pending, and To File. In To Do category, you can put some that need your attention such as work files, clients’ mails, bills, and kids’ school forms. The second category, the Pending category, is ideal for holding anything that does not need immediate attention. Things that can be categorized into this type are the things you need to address at a later date, for example are shipment confirmations of products to receive and subscriptions. The To File category is perfect for storing things that need to be designated elsewhere, such as account updates, subscription confirmations, or catalogs. To do the categorization correctly, you can use a file sorter. Designate the first three-shelves for three categories of sorting mentioned above and the fourth shelf for garbage can or recycling bin which is perfect for junk mails. However, before you throw the papers away into the trash bin, remember to destroy all the data written on the papers by using shredders. This equipment will keep your personal information protected as nobody can read them.

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Organizing Your Paper Mail

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