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Invisalign Is The Right Choice For Your Teeth

Submitted by: Wakeman Buage

A perfect smile defines your personality, and a line of perfect pearl teeth, perfectly set in your jaw is what everyone wishes for. But, not everyone will have a perfect set of teeth naturally; neither will everyone be born with it. And in these cases, people might have to go through dental treatments, with 90% of the problems being the metal braces or brackets. Over the years, they have been extremely popular among the children and teenagers and still are. But some adults might not be comfortable with the idea of having metal brackets around their teeth at this age. They might find this braces treatment uncomfortable and surprisingly embarrassing too. Invisalign is a perfect substitute for those, who do not wish to treat their teeth with metal braces.

This treatment involves a set of transparent aligners for your teeth, which can hardly be spotted by anyone when you smile. These sets of Invisalign aligners have to be removed every two weeks and replaced by newer ones. This is because as your teeth start responding to the treatment, and are being set in the right position, the old aligners will start getting loose on your jaw and will have to be replaced by newer and tighter ones. This is the reason why each aligner is manufactured solely for your teeth.

These Invisalign aligners are:

1. Customized for your teeth.

2. Very effective, as teeth alignment starts taking place from the very first day.

3. Extremely comfortable in the mouth, as there are no brackets or wires to irritate the movement of your jaws.

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4. Removable for eating, flossing, and brushing purposes.

5. They are transparent and are hardly visible to anyone.

Comparison with other dental treatments:

1. Invisalign uses a set of clear, invisible aligners, which are hardly visible to anyone, whereas other common treatments use a set of brackets or metal wires.

2. They are nearly invisible, while the metal braces are very prominent even from a distance.

3. Braces are permanent in a way, till the completion of the treatment and they cannot be removed like the Invisalign.

4. The metal wires used in other treatments can cause irritation to your gums and will also irritate you, while you are eating. And they also limit eating habits, as it is not possible for you to eat everything with metal braces. But, Invisalign makes no use of metal and is absolutely comfortable.

5. The removal of these aligners helps you brush and floss with easiness. But braces cause difficulty in doing such things.

Though, Invisalign comes with many advantages, their treatment cost is high. And these costs may vary from patient to patient, depending on the extent to which the teeth need to be treated or the seriousness of your dental problem. The average cost might vary from 4000 to 6500, but you can expect any changes in this when you visit your dentist.

Discussed below, are some of the very common problems faced by people having dental issues and which can be easily treated by an Invisalign trained dentist:

1. Over bites: this is when your upper set of teeth overlaps with lower ones.

2. Cross bites: this occurs when both the upper and lower jaws are misaligned.

3. Overcrowded teeth: this is a lack of space in your jaws, when they cannot easily provide enough space for all your teeth.

4. Widely spaced teeth: this is a very common problem where all or some of your teeth have wide gaps in between.

5. Under bites: undergrowth of the upper jaw.

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