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Information On Getting Tooth Crowns In Providence

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byAlma Abell

In cosmetic dental care, there are now so many advances in the treatments that are offered. Years ago, when people had cosmetic dental issues, there was nothing that could be done other than to get dentures. Now, there are exciting treatments available that can dramatically improve the look of your teeth, allowing you to have that smile you have always wanted. There are many tooth conditions that tooth crowns in Providence can treat. These crowns look and perform just like your own natural teeth and can last for years and possibly a lifetime with the proper care.The process for getting a crown is not a difficult one. You will first need to be examined by the dentist so he or she can make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. A crown fits over your existing tooth, covering it completely. Crowns can be used to correct:

  • Badly stained teeth
  • Damaged teeth
  • Malformed teeth

If the structure of your tooth is not sound, a crown may be able to help you prevent tooth loss. Most crowns are made from either porcelain or a metal alloy. When it is time for your crown to be put into place, the dentist will first carefully shape the corners of your existing tooth. This rounds the corners and makes the tooth smaller, so it will fit inside the crown. Once the dentist is sure the tooth is prepared, your tooth will be carefully cleaned and dried so a special cement can be placed on the tooth.The cement that is used for tooth crowns in Providence is one that is activated through a special light beam. The dentist will carefully place the crown over your tooth, making sure it is covered fully and there are no issues with your bite. Once the dentist is sure the crown provides a good fit, he or she will use the light to activate the cement, making the crown a permanent part of your tooth.With proper care, your crown can last for many years, improving the look and function of your tooth. If you are interested in learning more about crowns, contact Newport Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and schedule an appointment today.

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