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Acid Reflux: ‘a Distressing Condition Of The Esophagus’

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By Gregory P

Acid reflux involves the reflux of gastro-intestinal substances along with the acid to the esophagus, which is commonly mistakenly identified as heart burn. This disorder occurs due to the abnormality of the lower esophageal sphincter. Usually in a normal person this sphincter would be closed when the digestive process is taking place but in patients with GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux disorder) the lower esophageal sphincter fails to close or relaxes for long period of time. When the gastric substances along with the gastric acid are thrown back into esophagus, it can erode the lining of esophagus producing inflammation, commonly identified as heart burn or regurgitation.

Food / eating habits are very important for the control of the acid-reflux or GERD. In the American population it is one of the main contributing factors. Acid reflux can be almost prevented by the majority of the American general public simply by paying attention to their eating habits, food intake and diet. The percentage of the sufferers with acid-reflux in America is on the increasing day by day. It is estimated that 60 million Americans are face acid-reflux symptoms, out of which nearly 25 million experience it on a daily basis.

According to the Agency of Healthcare Research, more than 95,000 people in US were admitted to hospitals with acid-reflux. Approximately 20 million people were likely to develop GERD of those who were getting treated for acid-reflux. 65 percent of the population suffering from acid-reflux would be at the age of 40’s or older.

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Another contributing factor noted for being responsible for the cause of acid-reflux is stress. There are several efficient ways to control the stress like doing yoga, aerobics and other therapies. Stress induces the release of gastrin hormone, which on the other hand releases the gastric acid. Hence by controlling the stress the release of gastrin and finally the gastric acid can be controlled to a degree.

Another factor which is very important for control and maintenance of acid-reflux is as mentioned earlier a healthy diet. In helping to control acid-reflux ‘what you eat’ is very important, after all the condition is related to the digestive process of food material. Some food materials that can flare up acid-reflux and GERD are citruses, sour substances, alcohol and others. Hence these kinds of food stuffs should be avoided. Smoking is also yet another factors responsible for inducing the acid-reflux and GERD. Smoking decreases the release of bile from liver and further increases the risk of acid-reflux or GERD. Weight control is also very crucial for a person to control acid-reflux. A good exercise program should be initiated for control of the weight. A patient with acid-reflux or GERD should stop smoking, drinking alcohol and fatty foods all of which help control the condition. Drinking more water also helps in control and prevention of acid-reflux. When more water is consumed it dilutes the gastric acid and reduces its effect on the lining of esophagus.

Acid reflux starts as a very small sometimes unnoticeable ailment but if untreated early on can get to the point that the pain generated is intense as well as increasing other health factors. Usually the type of food we eat is responsible for long term control of reflux or GERD. we to eat or include in our diet food that controls or reduces excess acid production when consumed to ensure that it does help the person to be a reflux free and also prevents any damage to the lining of esophagus.

Sleeping position also helps in prevention of acid-reflux for some extent. If a person with acid-reflux sleeps with the bed at a higher incline at the top of the bed, the acid is restricted from flowing back to the esophagus due to the elevated posture and of course with the help of gravity.

In all a healthy lifestyle helps to promote good health short and definitely in the long term.

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